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Reply To: Felt Euro import F1 SLR


Thanks! I am really into the look of bikes with horizontal top tubes. I was lucky enough to find a frame set that hit all of my criteria from performance, looks, and fell into my budget at the time (which was the budget of an unemployed college student.)

It is a very aggressive geometry indeed. It’s a 56, and has a head tube closer to that of what you see on most 52′s. It took a little getting use to as my bike before it had very lax geometry. I have a zero stack headset and still a 10mm spacer, so I can go lower.

As far as the brake levers, I used Ultegra Di2 prior. I did not notice any change between the UDi2 and the DA9k, both pulls felt nearly identical to me. I have been very happy with the brakes, though I do second guess my choice of white over the black ones, but it was due to me being anxious and not wanting to wait for the black ones to come back in stock.