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Reply To: Doing testing on how stiffness/weight effect rider times


Haven’t posted on this in a while, but starting to get this project underway :D

My plan is to keep my power output consistent (using a powermeter to check) and going up a local climb. I’ll look to time my efforts and repeating this test over several days, taking an average over the days. I’ll be testing the different stiffnesses one after the other to try and control variables like wind and humidity. Obviously things like windspeed and humidity can’t be controlled, but I’ll look to take that info into account by getting the local weather station’s data.

I acknowledge that many opinions (which I respect) believe that the energy used to flex the crank will be dissipated propulsively, however I want to check if the conversion is 100%.

If the conversion is very close to 100%, say only 1.6% is lost. I can see the issue of the times being so close that the fluctuation would be due to other factors. However this is an acceptable result for me.

Any other suggestions?