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Reply To: Cervelo P3C Fixie Project


A few teaser pics. I chose a 53-18 gear(it seems to be about right but I have a 20 on the freewheel side just in case) and have some Zipp drop bars on the way but it is mostly done. Need to sort out braking with the drops, looking for some old school levers to complete it. Riding it has been a blast. Fixed gearing really tunes you into the bike and makes you think a bit more on the bike. It also makes going downhill hurt. A lot! Didn’t realize how much I coasted before now. I did a 20 mile ride to the coffee shop and was having problems walking when I got home. Not sure if it was the distance or the 11% grade on the way up to my house. Anyway, when I get all the parts I will post final pics but here are some to keep you guys occupied.