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Reply To: Add geared option to singlespeed cross bike – Di2 1×10?


Appreciate your comments!

From what I’ve been reading those remotes do rely on the brake lever shifter though.

Package includes one remote shifter with zip ties for the rear derailleur and needs a pair of Ultegra Di2 brake/shifter levers to function – it will not work alone or as a primary shifting unit.

But the etube port thing seems to indicate that the TT shifters might be different as they can plug into the hub whereas it looks like the climbing switch must plug into the brake lever. I’ll try to find out more…

In the mean time I just received a Zee RD (nice and small and has a clutch) and shifter that I need to weld up a larger clamp for and at least get a cabled option going.

Cannondale EVO RED Crux SSCX Blur