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Reply To: 12 High End Skewers Reviewed


I bought the KCNC Ti skewers last year and returned them. I’ve owned at least a dozen lightweight skewers, and compared to all the others I’ve used, I thought they couldn’t be tightened enough unless you twisted the levers after closing them. When the lever was just closed normally, it could be loosened (unscrewed) if you just bumped it slightly. This seemed unsafe to me. However, I would be interested to try the new version with the extra coating.

I’m a big fan of the regular Far & Near skewers (not the carbon lever, which is only 2g lighter). Though very similar to the KCNCs in appearance and design, they seem to be much more secure, at about the same weight & price. I receive a pair branded as MadFiber with a set of those wheels. However, they use a natural brass colored piece in the cam which is not quite as good-looking as the color-matched KCNC mechanism.

The Zipp QR is not listed here but that is also an extremely well designed, good looking, fairly light, possibly aero, reasonably priced skewer.