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Reply To: AICAN Bungarus Superlight.


I’ve used I-links and now I’m using aicans. The install is easier than the I link, the liner material is much more robust and as the cables use the same internal diameter for both shift and brakes the shifter cables are extremely low friction.. Result… Amazing shifting.
I’ve used I-links for the last 6000kms.. Not only do the Aicans look better they defantly work better, much better.

With the derlin liner and the DLC cables this system should have long life span.. 3-4 times longer than traditional cables. I’d say you need to remove the cables and wipe em down every now and then.. It’s a very tidy system and should last quite a while… The system is very low drag.. I’m very impressed with its performance.

MaLoL every thing on this site is too expensive for you..