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Reply To: 2012 Hub Review: Information overload?

Brendan Montgomerie

Hey, great review! I started riding with
shimano hubs, but I bent several rear axles,
tried a Nukeproof hub that immediately cracked a flange.
I heard that White Industries was the answer back
in ’95, and ever since then I have been riding their
Speed racer with the double 55 mm flanges.
It started with about 10 MTB rims, all Mavic,
then another 8 road rims, mostly velocity. The same
hub has been in continuous use for 18 years!
Currently built 3x drive radial ND, Sapim race
drive, laser ND to a Kinlin XR-200 (this is a 32 spoke wheel),
brass on drive al. nipples ND. Amazing wheel
amazing hub! When I wanted to convert from 135mm
to 130 mm I just walked into White Industries
and they gave me a free ND flange to convert.
The first 3 bearing changes were just ride to their
factory in Petaluma, pay for new bearings and
they replaced them while I waited for free. The bearings
Typically last 3 years on the road, half that on dirt.
I recently bought a ten pack of 6902′s and a ten pack
of 6802′s for $25, so I guess I’ll never run out.
Best rear hub for durability and stiffness!
TMI- extreme product loyalty. If you use this hub,
get a bag of 2 mm set screws from White,
replace these every bearing change or so,
and never try to tighten them without cleaning the
inside of the Allen head, don’t go overboard tightening them,
and you will have a no trouble. That’s it. I should try to sell them!