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Reply To: 2012 Hub Review: Information overload?


Great reviews. I must concur with your views, for the most part. In particular, the DT180. I just don’t understand this hub for anyone. price is silly for what you get. I don’t understand why DT hasn’t bothered to attempt to improve the geometry of these otherwise bombproof hubs. The are too oem for customs, but have a massive following. The one criticism you missed about Alchemy is Jeremy’s lack of marketing. I would sell a tonne more of Alchemy ELF and Orc if people knew about them. I feel like I have to sell the virtues. No logo, no brand, IMO. Might as well be oem. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alchemy hubs. I just wish they could sell themselves like Chris King and Tune can. The new Tune 170 is my favorite weight conscious rear hub. I’ve more of these this year than the Orc. Have you looked at Dash? I have built one set of Dash Nikki/Monica and not without incident. I am waiting for the Nikki G2 to ship. This should address the design flaws of the Nikki G1. Otherwise they hold promise for a lightweight design.