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Reply To: Shimano 2013, Part 2, 9070 Di2 Dura-Ace


Could you please elaborate on “The biggest change I see in the front shifter is for a programmable multi-shift function. This allows dumping your selected number of gears. Push the button quickly once and you get a single shift, pushing and holding the button results in shifting however many shifts you have programmed it to execute. You can choose anything from a double shift up to 10 shifts moving from one end of the cassette to the other.”

I presume you meant rear shifter. In any event, could you describe what level of control you have over programming how many gears it shifts in response to a particular hold time? Can you do something like input a list of times to the tenth of a second, not necessarily evenly spaced, for how many gears to shift depending on hold time? Is there any audible, tactical, shock or other feedback provided as to how many gears will be shifted?