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Reply To: Enve 8.9 Rims, Just Facts Ma’am


Thanks for the article. I ordered the Enve 8.9s and will get them soon. While getting a wheel design as aero as possible in a wind tunnel is a good start, we all know racing and training conditions are very different. I live and train in Asia so there are ‘strength’ issues with wheels as the road conditions are very different from Country to Country plus another huge issue is cross wind stability. Some of my best bike splits were done in windy conditions on reasonable road surfaces with a disc wheel, however I really am looking for something close to a disc but more forgiving in cross winds and changing conditions (real race conditions). If I can be counted in any stats it is that I chose the 8.9s over the Zipp Firecrest 808s and a Disc after a lot of research and the ‘Smart’ relationship with Enve. This article just confirms my correct decision. My other wheels are MadFiber. Thanks KP