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Reply To: Smart Enve System Clincher Rims


Where does the weight saving come from vs. a Zipp 404 CCL

According to Enve site a 6.7 clincher on DT240 hubs is 1566g, a 404 CC is 1557g. Don’t see any noticable saving between Zipp or Enve.

Also Aero savings might be better on the Enve due to 60mm/70mm rim depth but the Enve tests are using 22 or 23mm tires. Zipp 404 is optimised for a 21mm tire. So it’d be interesting to see Aero data for a Zipp 404 with 21mm, a 6.7 with 22mm vs a Bontrager 5 with a 23mm tire – for which they were optimised.