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Reply To: Kinlin XR-380 Clincher Rim


Wilson, I in no way have any vested interest in Kinlin to start. You should not shy away from machined sidewalls left raw. Almost every single non-ceramic-coated rim is machined post anodizing. Looks like H Plus Sons just skipped this process on their “blacked out” color for some reason. If you look at their anodized or colored rims this is quite obvious. Ask any BMX kid and they will tell you that anodized or chromed brake tracks do not provide the same level of braking performance that “raw” machined sidewalls provide. This is due to the hardness of both the anodizing or the chrome finish. In the wet this is effect can be even worse. If your not using rim brakes of course this is a moot point. The anodizing will also wear off very quickly and unevenly in inclement conditions resulting in “brake pump” or “chatter”. Chrome does not have this problem but its like trying to get your brake pads to gain purchase on ice rims when they get wet. Ceramic coatings are another beast all together. Ceramic coating is like adding fine grit sandpaper to your sidewalls. Increases braking performance at the cost of your pads. Harder compound brake pads are advised for this reason. So, other than looks I can’t see a reason to go for anodized or chrome rims when evaluating from a performance standpoint. That said, the rims you mentioned would look sweet on my fixie.