At Interbike last year we loosely tossed around the idea of a permanent gallery devoted to bicycles and components. That conversation, which at the time seemed to be just a bit of day dreaming, has now turned into an actual reality for us. We are proud to announce that March 4th and 5th we’ll host the grand opening of Het Fair Wheel Podium in Portland Oregon.  A permanent gallery dedicated to innovation and art in cycling.  The gallery located at 600 NW Naito Parkway will be home to the custom project bikes that we create in house as well as a place to showcase work by custom frame builders and manufacturers who want to think outside the box and create things that are a bit different.  It will also be a place for us to exhibit a lot of the high end components that are rare enough in the U.S. that most people never get a chance to see and touch them in the flesh.

Our grand opening will take place with more than a dozen bikes on display.  Some you will be familiar with like our Di2 29er, the Mcfetridge Parlee 3 speed fixed gear or the revamped Ruegamer Di2 bike he designed for us.  We’ll of course have Jack’s worlds lightest bike on display as well.  We’ll also have  some other bikes on display such as the 3 podium bikes from the CX National Championships.  And just to keep things exciting we’ve got some new stuff to show.  One that I’m particularly excited about is a project that we are working on with builder Rob English.  There will also be bikes from Rapha, Ira Ryan, Renovo, Bmc, and a Parlee that I designed for NAHBS.  For components we’ll have on display most everything from Ax-Lightness, Dromarti, Extralite, McfkSchmolke, Thm, Tune and a bunch of others.

We’ve been asked quite a lot, how come we are doing this.  I’ve tried to think of a good justification for it but really it comes down to the simple fact that it sounds like fun.  We’ve spent years testing installing and customizing the worlds best components and we’d like to create a space where you can come in and simply, “check it out.”  Plus, we can do it, so why not.   This is in mind we’d like to thank all the people and companies that have made this possible.  We look forward to working with every single one of our current partners as well as meeting a lot more along the way.

We have a pretty good size list of frame builders that want to help with the gallery by building frames for some of the future projects and we look forward to seeing what can come of this and we hope that it is enjoyable for all.   Future exhibits we hope to show will include builders like Crumpton, Form and a bunch of others.

I hope everyone in the area that can make it will stop by and check it out.  I’ll be up at the gallery for the grand opening weekend, and I look forward to meeting some of you in person.  For those that can’t make it, the projects will all be profiled on the gallery’s website:

I should note that for those of you interested in attending the grand opening, Friday night will be for industry employees only and by invitation.  This means manufacturers, frame builders, media and local bike shops are all welcome.  If you fit into this group and would like to attend please contact The Podium to get a spot on the invitation list which is already almost full.  For everyone else we’d love to see you on Saturday, when we’ll be open from noon to 10pm.