I’ve always been one who’s willing to give back to the industry my thoughts on most products.  In fact I’ve done product testing for more manufacturers than I can count, so i’m always certain to take advantage of any doors that are opened from these relationships.  Recently I tested a saddle from Dash,  while I liked it, it still wasn’t the perfect saddle for me, but this led to a new version, a version which I got to have my hand in the design of.   I’ve been riding saddles with carbon in them since I fell in love with the SSM Concor KA back in 1996.  While that was a great saddle, it still had a hefty weight of 196grams.

The Fit:  working with Dash we came up with what I feel is the perfect saddle, the F91.   The saddle is very similar in shape to my two favorite saddles of all time, the Concor and the Ax Phoenix.  Compared to the Concor I wanted something a little more saddle shaped front to rear and slightly flatter on the top.  Compared to the Phoenix I wanted something with a wider and flatter nose as well as with wings that flexed a little bit more, and of course I wanted to add a touch of padding.   It’s all here.

The design is refined from the original saddles as well.  Kevlar has been added to the rails, though I’d still like to see a solid sheet of Kevlar added to the surface in the clamping area to help resist biting from the seatposts.  The fronts of the rails have been integrated into the carbon of the shell making it more durable.  The padding is 2 different layers with different densities making a total of about 5mm of padding.  Best of all they were still able to keep the weight down to a claimed 91grams(which should easily be the lightest padded saddle in available), though mine came in a hair under 80grams.  The saddle does have a weight limit, though at 200 pounds it’s not all that restrictive.  Personally I suspect those weighing in near the weight limit will be people with wider sit bones that may not find this a comfortable saddle.   But for the average sized rider, I suspect the saddle will be well loved.