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Parlee’s new aero ESX frameset

November 13th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan


The new Parlee ESX frame is out and more specs, including aero data, will be available in the next couple days.  For now I know that the weight will be mid 800 to mid 900 depending on sizing.  Obviously it’s going to be a bit more than the Z5 but surprisingly as much as I would have thought.  Sizing is going to be more modular now.  Gone will be tall / short sizing and there will be different aero headset spacer kits for different effective head tube lengths.  Pictured is the tall frame.

Aero English Road

October 21st, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

This build is bound to ruffle a few feathers, especially the deep section rims on a thin-tubed steel road frame. Rob English has applied his unique vision of what an aero road bike should be. Small, but complicated touches like the inverted fork/stem arrangement and integrated skewer ends reduce drag in little ways that add up to make a big difference. The steerer tube extends down from the stem, and is clamped at the fork crown. The top cap applies pressure to the headset from underneath. This allows the cables and wiring to be routed through the headtube for a super clean front end. You can find the junction box tucked under the saddle. A carbon tube takes the place of a normal seatpost. Even though its such a polarizing build, I think the contrast makes this one gorgeous bike.


Build List

Crumpton BMX, Worlds Lightest PROXL.

October 21st, 2013


I imagine that quite a few people reading this have already seen this project we did for Interbike, but we figured this was a good time to complete the details on it.   Complete finished weight of the bike was just under 5.4kg, (11.89 pounds)

The frame is a custom handbuilt by Nick Crumpton of Crumpton Cycles.  The frame came in at 957.2 grams.  Being almost the same weight as a superlight 29er frame which is twice the size, this one could certainly have been lighter, however the goal was not to have just the lightest but something that could truly be race worthy.

The bar/stem combo is a Bombshell handlebar and Enve stem with bonding by Calfee.

Hubs are custom made by Tune.  The rear started as a Mag150 and had a new axle and end caps machined as well as the alloy freehub body replaced with a titanium single speed version.

Rims were custom from Velocity based on the tried and true A23 extrusion.

Spokes were custom Pillar Titanium.  Bladed profile with beefed up 13g ends matched to custom 13g alloy nipples.

Complete build list below gallery.

Complete Build List:

Frame: Crumpton Custom, 957.2gr

Headset: Kcnc Radiant R1, 46.7gr

Fork Expander: Tune GumGum  8.7gr

Top Cap / Bolt: Fair Wheel 5.9gr

Headset Spacers: Parts of Passion 2.8gr

Fork: Sinz Carbon (175 lbs weight limit.) 462.2gr

Crank Arms: Tune Smartfoot 508.2gr

Bottom Bracket Cups: Extralite PF30 22.3gr

Bottom Bracket Bearings: HSC Full Ceramic, 33.4gr

Chainring: Absolute Black, 36t, 51.4gr

Chainring Bolts: Kcnc SL 4.6gr

Chain: KMC X9SL 194.8gr

Cog: Recon Titanium 13t, 21.1gr (includes all spacers)

Cog Lockring: Far and Near, 5.1gr

Front Wheel: Tune Mig45 Custom front hub, Velocity Custom A23 rim, Pillar Custom Titanium spokes.  438.5gr

Rear Wheel: Tune Mag150 Custom Rear hub, Velocity Custon A23 rim, Pillar Custom Titanium spokes. 544.4gr.

Rim Tape: Rox Superdute 8.1gr.

Pedals: Bebop Titanium, 146.9gr

Brake Caliper: Kcnc V-brake, 84.9gr

Brake Lever: Kcnc Brake Lever, 23.4gr

HandleBar/Stem: Bombshell Carbon bar / Enve Carbon stem, 407.9gr

Handlebar Grips: Kcnc w/plugs, 19.6gr

Saddle: Tune KomVor, 92.1gr

Seatpost: Tune Carbon, 101.1gr

Brake Cable: Kcnc Titanium, 7.3gr

Brake Housing: Aican Bungarus, 12.1 gr

Tire, Front: Tioga Powerband Kevlar 1.85.  267.6gr

Tire, Rear: Tioga Powerblock Kevlar 1.75.  301.7gr

Chain Tensioner: Custom, 14.6gr

Tubes: Eclipse, front 40.7gr, rear 41.1r.





Parlee Pair

October 15th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

The foundation for this build is a pair of Parlee Z5SLi’s, sturdy and stiff but still a comfortable frameset. There are a few small differences in the build list to better fit each rider, tubulars here and clinchers there. Two high performance machines, hidden under a tasteful matte black color scheme. Both bikes are built up with strong, lightweight components that will stand up to daily riding.

Pair of Parlee Z5SLi Frames Built Up

Build List

“Rootbeer” Clear Crumpton Road

October 7th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Rootbeer Crumpton
The unorthodox finish on this Crumpton really is something you have to see for yourself. There’s a depth to the paint that you can only see in direct sunlight, the photographs really don’t do it justice. Contrasting colors and finishes don’t usually work together as well as they do here, matte carbon and leather combined with copper anodized aluminum make this look like a cowboy’s steed.

Build List

Custom “Rootbeer” Crumpton Image Gallery

Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Parlee Z0

August 14th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

I don’t entirely know what to say about this bike that the photos don’t already.  The build just came together nicely, and with the parts list it’s impossible to imagine that it wouldn’t.  The Parlee Z0 is the modern road frame with the right classic look to match a Record EPS groupo perfectly.  The Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer wheelset completes one of the best hand built carbon frames and maintains the modern yet classic feel.  The only thing I wish is that I’d been able to at least put one ride on this bike.

Build List (12.48 lbs)

Pearl Parlee Climber

April 22nd, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Parlee Z5, A Climber for the Colorado Rockies

The look of our latest Parlee Z5 custom bike builds reminds me of the classic bike builds I grew up lusting over, after it underwent a modern high performance evolution.  The clean traditional lines with classic box section rims accompanies components that I could only dream of as a kid.  Behind the EE brakes and Clavicula cranks lies some of the most advanced manufacturing and engineering in the industry. With the bike heading off to live in the Colorado Rockies, the priorities are to be light on the climbs and steady on the downhills.  We looked to make something capable of floating up every upward pitch, and could tame every switchback that climbs and descends the land of beautiful Colorado peaks. Read more

Worlds Lightest Bike, Revisited

April 17th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Worlds Lightest Bike, Interbike 2010

Over the last weekend CyclingNews reported on one of our old projects, the worlds lightest bike. This now seems like a good time for us to revisit this project as well.  It also seems like a good time to mention that this project is the inspiration for two of our upcoming Interbike projects.  No, we’re not going to make a lighter bike, as there doesn’t seem a point since this is still the current record holder.  We will however be offering two new projects both with an eye on total weight, yet keeping with a more generally accepted idea of all around use. Read more

Wolf’s Parlee Cyclocross Bike

April 13th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Wax Finish on the Parlee CX Frame

It’s April, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about ‘cross.  In fact we’re getting CX bikes ready for both those that are well prepared and those that can’t stay off of dirt roads no matter what time of year it is.  I believe this cross bike belongs to the later a machine that is perfect for the race coarse that will more than likely see many more miles exploring back country roads and the occasional piece of single track winding through the forest. Read more

Custom Carbon Scott Fixed Gear

March 13th, 2013



Several years ago I had a Scott CR1, which at the time was my favorite frame.  During some pulley wheel testing, a mishap led to the destruction of the frame.  Considered destroyed because of it’s non-replaceable hanger.  Also destroyed were the derailleur and rear Lightweight.  Being a favorite frame of mine it didn’t get recycled but rather just hung up in the rafters as a memory.  Some years later it we decided to pull the frame down and breath some new life into.  It was sent off to a friend and custom carbon frame builder, Bre Ruegamer.  The non-removable hanger/dropout combo was removed and replaced with custom machined horizontal dropouts.  At the same time the rear end of the frame was re-spaced to narrow it by 10mm so it would accept a 120mm fixed gear hub.  Then the frame, fork and stem were stripped and repainted with matte black.  It was rebuilt without having an eye on choosing lightweight parts and finished weight is just over 12 pounds. Read more