Bob Parlee and the builders at Parlee Cycles have a decade of experience building carbon composite bikes at the highest level of performance. 20 years of experience in the boat building industry provided Parlee with a wealth of knowledge in composite construction techniques. He has since gone on to produce light, strong, and durable race and recreation bikes for discerning customers.

Parlee equates the stylistic shapes on other carbon fiber bicycles to fins on a car, “they may look cool, but they won’t make the car faster.” On a Parlee frame you’ll find carefully selected tubes, accurate carbon lay-up and molding techniques which maximize strength to weight. Efficiency is their guiding principle.

In 2000, Parlee produced their first sub-900 gram frame, the Z1, three years later after extensive testing the frames were shipped to consumers. In 2007 Bicycling Magazine named the Z1 Editor’s Choice for “dream bike” of the year. In 2010 Parlee released the sub-800 gram Z5 and has continued to innovate since then, continually pushing the envelope of performance.

Parlee Cycles offers meticulously crafted road, TT, cyclocross, track and touring frames in both custom and stock sizes and finishes.

The framebuilding process begins with custom sourced tubes and parts constructed from high-modulus, unidirectional carbon. Each tube is inspected and mitered to fit. The tubes are cleaned and media blasted to enhance the longevity of the bond between tubes. Frames are assembled on custom tooling that is accurate to sub 1mm tolerances. Finally, the frame is run through Parlee’s proprietary heating and pressurization process which ensures a consistent exterior finish and strong bond.

After sanding and paint the total build time can reach almost 40 hours, which Parlee claims is 4 times longer than the average custom bike. This exacting process results in an extremely high quality finished product, one that we’re pleased to offer at Fairwheel.

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