From road, mountain, and cross bikes in both custom and stock geometries, Moots has made a name for themselves since their inception in 1981. The first titanium Moots was shown at Interbike in 1991 and the company quickly seized the opportunity to make the material their first choice for framebuilding.

Just a year later they began producing stock sizes, each frame hand built, one at a time. The emphasis on craft and workmanship continues today. Each step in the build process is completed by hand, from mitering, to welding and finishing.

Fairwheel is equally excited about titanium. We’re stoked to offer you a US sourced, hand built, custom titanium frame option from a quality and respected builder like Moots.

Their dedicated factory staff of just 24 employees produces the entire range of custom and stock frames in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Over the years Moots has created frames featuring a unique combination of ride qualities. Each frame is a tailored mix of liveliness, stiffness, responsiveness, control, performance, comfort, weight and durability. Because of the properties of Moot’s American sourced Pi tech titanium they are able to replicate the same ride quality across all frame sizes.

Attention to detail and precision are paramount when working with a material like titanium. Moots has been perfecting their meticulous process from start to finish over the last 30 years. Proprietary tooling builds a bike with extremely fine tolerances to maximize fit, strength and longevity of the completed frame.

Each step is checked and signed off on a Yellow Card which follows the frame through the build. The card, along with the dozen or so signatures of the people who personally built each frame, gets packed up and sent to the new owner.

Fair Wheel Bikes is happy to be the last step in bringing you a custom frame from Moots.

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