For over a decade, the skilled mechanics at Fair Wheel Bikes have quietly assembled sensational one-off custom bicycles for customers all over the world. For those who’ve been paying attention, some of these builds occasionally show up on cycling news sites and trade publications. Yet for the most part we fly under the radar, preferring to spend our time and resources less on marketing and more on brainstorming new ideas and creating cool custom projects. From insanely lightweight, minimalist road builds to technologically advanced concept mountain bikes, we’ve had our hands in just about everything.

Using our specialized knowledge, unique experience, and peripheral industry access, we can devise unique, eye-catching builds within a wide range of needs and budgets. Frankly speaking, what we actually provide is an alternative to the big manufacturers’ overpriced bicycles. Why drop your hard- earned cash on an off-the-shelf $15,000 “superbike” when you could spend less on something truly original and striking, built specifically for your needs with an optimal fit for your body dimensions? Our collaboration with the industry’s most reputable custom builders ensures smooth communication during the design phase and prompt delivery upon completion.

For more budget-minded consumers, there exist a plethora of semi-custom options; some of our partnered builders have begun offering stock options based on the popularity of their full custom framesets. And though we pride ourselves on our access to exotic and hard-to-find components, not every Fair Wheel build is so equipped. We have equal experience with and access to more commonly available equipment for those who value ultra-durable and proven performance at a reasonable price point.


Our sales experts hold decades of experience in professional bicycle fitting. Through an initial phone interview and follow up conversations with the frame builder, we are typically able to determine proper frame sizing. For those customers with special fit concerns, we can provide referral to a trusted fitting expert within your local area. Of course, professional fitting and consultation at our Tucson, Arizona location is always an option for those willing to make the journey.

Frame Builders

Alchemy Bicycle Company – Denver, CO

Alchemy sets themselves apart from the competition with advanced design and manufacturing processes while using a diverse range of materials. Whether they’re building with carbon fiber, titanium, or stainless steel, Alchemy produces technically superior custom-built frames that are nonetheless perfectly suited to each individual customer.

Cherubim – Tokyo, Japan

Alsmot fifty years after its founding Cherubim is lead by Shin-ichi Konno and his unique approach: incorporating Japanese artistic style into modern steel bikes. His arching lines, thin profile tubing and sharp finishing accents make the Cherubim look instantly recognizable and extremely sought-after. The bikes, still extremely rare outside of Japan, have been winning awards both in and out of Japan, including the NAHBS 2012 Best Of Show for his ’Hummingbird’ bike. ~ Read more about Cherubim, Cherubim’s Website

Crumpton Cycles – Austin, TX

As an individual, low volume builder, Nick Crumpton offers a premium level of personal attention and aesthetic control over his custom lightweight carbon framesets. Recently, Crumpton has expanded his offerings to include a limited production run of Corsa Team framesets made in Italy to Crumpton’s exact specifications.

English Cycles – Eugene, OR

Each Rob English hand built steel creation is truly exceptional. As much an artist as an engineer, this UK expatriate builds frames that are at once technically creative and visually stunning. At Fair Wheel Bikes, we call upon Rob when we’re faced with complicated frame design requests or special trade show projects. For the record, he never fails to completely surpass our expectations.

Form Cycles – Cave Creek, AZ

The metal specialists at Form bring together their extensive experience in the aerospace industry to hand craft frames that are precision built to incredibly high standards that are typically unseen in the bicycle industry. While their specialty lies in the expert craftsmanship of titanium framesets, the welders at Form are equally adept with Cr-Mo and stainless steel.

Holland Cycles – Spring Valley, CA

A classically trained frame builder, Bill Holland abandoned steel frame production in 1996 in favor of cutting edge titanium. More recently, Holland has turned to composites technology with their ExoGrid and IsoGrid tubing options, combining titanium and carbon fiber to create unique, eye-catching frames with superior performance characteristics. Read more about Holland Cycles, Holland Cycles’ Website.

K Bedford Customs – Greenfield Center, NY

After spending over 20 years on the manufacturing end of legendary frame company Serotta, Kelly Bedford began building under his own name. Since 2009, Bedford has designed and assembled some striking steel framesets, making appearances at NAHBS and turning quite a few heads in the process. We’re proud to partner with this “new” builder and his combination of classic and modern styling. Read more about K Bedford Customs, K Bedford Customs’ Website

Moots – Steamboat Springs, CO

Moots provides a plethora of frame options constructed in stunning US-manufactured titanium tubing. Whether you’re a long-distance touring cyclist, a road racer, or a trail shredder, these expert craftsmen have an expertly crafted and painstakingly finished option just for you. These frames are built one at a time using either standard or custom geometry, with an array of build options and matched accessories. Read more about MootsMoots’ Website

Parlee Cycles – Beverly, MA

For over a decade, Bob Parlee and company have been custom-building carbon frames for racers and discerning recreational cyclists alike. For customers who desire the ride quality of a Parlee in a more affordable package or simply don’t require custom geometry, Parlee provides a stock framesets in a wide range of sizes. Regardless of frame choice, their talented in-house custom paint department can turn out truly captivating and exclusive finish work. Read more about Parlee, Parlee’s Website

Ti Cycles – Portland, OR

Founder Dave Levy’s experience as a professional frame builder stretches back nearly three decades, with the Ti Cycles brand emerging later in 1990. Combining this depth of experience with a formal engineering education and extensive bicycle fitting experience, Dave provides the understanding and wisdom of a true master craftsman. Beyond custom steel and titanium framesets, Ti Cycles also specializes in the creation of custom accessories such as stems, seatposts, and cargo racks.