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Weight Weenie Bike Builder Application

Last year we partnered with Weight Weenies to revive the deceased weight listings.  In just under a year we’ve managed, with the help of the members, to collect and add about 3000 new components to the weight listings.  Now we’ve decided to take it a step further and find a way to put those listings … Read More

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New products from Tune

This is an exciting time of the year for us as it’s the time when most companies begin to announce and show their coming products.  We’ll feature new products from a whole host of companies over the coming weeks.  We’ll begin with one of our favorite companies Tune.  Tune has now shown some new stuff … Read More

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Extralite MDX Mountain hub

Interbike prep has kept me away from the blog lately, but I felt I needed to make a little time to share this.  A prototype of the upcoming Extralite MDX hub arrived here last week.  While it does have some visual changes, the most dramatic changes are on the inside.  

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Custom EE’s, Interbike Update

I realize it’s been a little bit since our last update so I thought I’d put some random stuff out there.   In this post I’ll share some pictures of custom Ee brakes including root beer colored, an update on the light bike, which includes  a new sub 100 gram rear hub from Dash, as … Read More

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Interbike Custom Bikes Update IV (Worlds Lightest)

*** The Final Update on The Worlds Lightest Bike is Posted. Back again for more interbike updates.  As mentioned earlier, we were fixed on 2.5 projects but now it’s expanded to the usual 4+.  So for right now we’ll look at the newest project which was tossed at me and I just couldn’t turn it … Read More

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stays for QC

Interbike Custom Bicycles Update III

Interbike is in 3 months.  Luckily we are starting to make some better progress than we have for the first 9 months of these projects.  Progress has been moving.  A road frame has been completed and is on it’s way to the artist.  Once again Artist Geoff McFetridge will design and paint one of our … Read More

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Worlds Lightest hubs, living at Dash Cycles in Boulder?

Recently we (forum member Uber Goober and myself) got to chat with the guys from Dash and to ask them some questions.    Some really interesting things turned up from this conversation including full carbon hubs. Our conversation follows a brief introduction to the company.

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Interbike Custom Bicycles, Update II

*** The Final Update on The Worlds Lightest Bike is Posted. Having not fit everything into the first IB update, it’s already time to bring out part two.  Here is where you can find the  first Interbike projects update.  We’ve continued to pull some parts in different colors that are likely to adorn the P29.  … Read More

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Interbike Custom Bicycles, Update I

It seems that all of my posts lately seem to mention Interbike.  I guess it’s closing in quicker than I realize and that means that much of my time is spent getting things done for that.  This year we thought we’d take a more open approach to things and post regular progress reports on everything … Read More

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