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Campy Bottom Bracket Bearing Puller

May 20th, 2010



Let it be known now that I am a tool whore.  I love tools and will look for any excuse to buy and try a new tool.  Some of my favorite tools come from Sonny’s Bike Tools, SBT.   SBT makes tools that are badged and sold by Enduro, though I do believe they sell them direct as well.  One job I’ve wished had a specific tool for a while has been pulling and pressing Campagnolo UT bearings.  When I heard they had a specific Campagnolo bottom bracket bearing tool coming I of course had to get one.   These may not yet be available, but should be very soon.   Unfortunately I don’t have a retail price on it, but I think it’s going to be under $100. Read more

EE Cycleworks new EE Crankset

October 5th, 2009

Emiliano Jordan

A clean exterior

EE CycleWorks is following up their popular brake set with a new EE Crank. Although price and weight information is not currently available, we do know the EE crank is scheduled to be released between late 2009 and early 2010. With this crank, EE CycleWorks decided to do exactly what they did with their brakes and looked at the design process as a fresh beginning. They didn’t limit themselves to a standard chainring bolt size and instead opted for a new 170mm BCD for their outer ring. The inner ring will use either a compact (34T) or standard (39T), a standard 110mm or 130mm BCD, respectively. The larger outer BCD decreases flex in the chainring. EE explains that by the inherit flat nature of a chainring it is easier and lighter to increase stiffness in the spider, a more three dimensional shape, as opposed to reinforcing the chainring.
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