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Dash Form 91, My saddle

I’ve always been one who’s willing to give back to the industry my thoughts on most products.  In fact I’ve done product testing for more manufacturers than I can count, so i’m always certain to take advantage of any doors that are opened from these relationships.  Recently I tested a saddle from Dash,  while I … Read More

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New Ultimate Disc Brakes

The new product announcements just continue to roll.  Today I get to show you a new disc brake from New Ultimate.  Since this is a sneak peek and not an official announcement I don’t have great pictures or a ton of specs.  Here’s what we do know.   New Ultimate recently released a new stainless steel … Read More

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New Kcnc products

With Euro/Interbike steadily approaching we get to continue on with our new products updates, with some newer items from Kcnc.  These include mtb. grips, front derailleur braze-on adapters and some bb30 adapters. First up the braze-on adapters.  Available in 6 colors(black, blue, gold, green, red and silver) and 31.8 or 34.9 clamp diameters.  Both the … Read More

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drive side detail

2010 Soul Kozak Road Hubs

For 2010, Polish component manufacturer Soul Kozak has updated their hub designs. The release of these took much longer than expected – we had been waiting for our shipment for weeks, and I was wondering if we were ever going to see the new product. We’ve been fairly busy at Fair Wheel, and when the … Read More

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New Ultimate Update

May is coming to a close and Euro/Interbike aren’t really very far off.  This is the point in the year where we start to hear about new things that will be shown at the shows.  We’ll share all of those things with you as we learn about them(except for those companies which ask us specifically … Read More

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Max Lelli Vipera

In relation to the total number of carbon frame manufacturers, there really aren’t many custom carbon frame choices in the market place.   There is now another one, and it’s quality for price may surprise you. Introducing the Vipera from Max Lelli.  I would have to assume that it got that name from the diamond shaped head … Read More

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Campy Bottom Bracket Bearing Puller

Let it be known now that I am a tool whore.  I love tools and will look for any excuse to buy and try a new tool.  Some of my favorite tools come from Sonny’s Bike Tools, SBT.   SBT makes tools that are badged and sold by Enduro, though I do believe they sell them … Read More

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A clean exterior

EE Cycleworks new EE Crankset

EE CycleWorks is following up their popular brake set with a new EE Crank. Although price and weight information is not currently available, we do know the EE crank is scheduled to be released between late 2009 and early 2010. With this crank, EE CycleWorks decided to do exactly what they did with their brakes … Read More

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