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Look and Polar do Pedal Based Power Meters

September 23rd, 2010

Emiliano Jordan

The polar CS500

As is the current state of the Eurobike / Interbike scheduling, the cat is out of the bag and we know that Polar and Look are working in a partnership to provide a pedal-based power meter. So I took the chance at Interbike to sit down and talk to Fredirck, Look’s lead Pedal Powered Product Project Proponent. Okay, he’s actually Look’s lead on the pedal-based power meter, and he has a lot to say.
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2011 Cycle Passion Calendar

September 14th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan

June's models and teammates Willow Koerber and Heather Irmiger

***The 2012 Cycle Passion Calendar is now in stock!

***The 2012 Cycle Passion Calendar Preview is posted!

As many of you know the beginning of September and the start of Interbike usually means we are rolling out the much anticipated Cycle Passion calendar.  This year will be no different and the 2011 calendar is one to be remembered.  New models such as Liz Hatch and Veronica Andreasson, both from Lotto Ladies Team, are joining calendar veterans such as Willow Koerber, Trek/Subaru and Julie Krasniak, Look. This year photographer Daniel Geiger is joined by CycleFilm’s Markus Neuert to provide a behind the scene’s look at the making of this years calendar.  By the look of Markus’ work throughout the 2010 cycling season I’d say adding him to the team was a great decision and I’m looking forward to the DVD release.  For now though you can browse the images, watch the three DVD teaser videos and even purchase a 2011 CyclePassion Calendar.

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New products from Tune

September 13th, 2010



This is an exciting time of the year for us as it’s the time when most companies begin to announce and show their coming products.  We’ll feature new products from a whole host of companies over the coming weeks.  We’ll begin with one of our favorite companies Tune.  Tune has now shown some new stuff and announced availability of some previously announced items.  So let’s look at what’s new and what’s changed in the line for the coming year.  Read more

Custom EE’s, Interbike Update

August 4th, 2010



I realize it’s been a little bit since our last update so I thought I’d put some random stuff out there.   In this post I’ll share some pictures of custom Ee brakes including root beer colored, an update on the light bike, which includes  a new sub 100 gram rear hub from Dash, as well as some skewers from Tune.  We’ve got an update on one of the 29er projects which is a change in frames as well as the arrival of some 29″ tubular tires from Dugast.

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Dash Form 91, My saddle

July 6th, 2010



I’ve always been one who’s willing to give back to the industry my thoughts on most products.  In fact I’ve done product testing for more manufacturers than I can count, so i’m always certain to take advantage of any doors that are opened from these relationships.  Recently I tested a saddle from Dash,  while I liked it, it still wasn’t the perfect saddle for me, but this led to a new version, a version which I got to have my hand in the design of.   Read more

New Ultimate Disc Brakes

June 14th, 2010



The new product announcements just continue to roll.  Today I get to show you a new disc brake from New Ultimate.  Since this is a sneak peek and not an official announcement I don’t have great pictures or a ton of specs.  Here’s what we do know.   New Ultimate recently released a new stainless steel rotor which weighs in at a scant 79grams.  We do know that those will be packaged with the new brakes.  We also know that a set including rotors is said to weigh 584grams.  If you work that backwards that would mean that a caliper, lever, tubing and fluid would be about 213grams each.  Read more

New Kcnc products

June 4th, 2010



With Euro/Interbike steadily approaching we get to continue on with our new products updates, with some newer items from Kcnc.  These include mtb. grips, front derailleur braze-on adapters and some bb30 adapters.

First up the braze-on adapters.  Available in 6 colors(black, blue, gold, green, red and silver) and 31.8 or 34.9 clamp diameters.  Both the 31.8 and 34.9 clamps are made of machined 6061 aluminum and come in at 15gr each and with a retail price of $15.

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2010 Soul Kozak Road Hubs

May 27th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan

drive side detail

For 2010, Polish component manufacturer Soul Kozak has updated their hub designs. The release of these took much longer than expected – we had been waiting for our shipment for weeks, and I was wondering if we were ever going to see the new product. We’ve been fairly busy at Fair Wheel, and when the hubs finally arrived about a month ago, all we had time for was a quick inspection and weight check.

The initial impression was mild disappointment, as the weight for the set of road hubs had increased by about 30 grams. However, that disappointment quickly faded; the retail prices had decreased significantly and the slight aesthetic changes seemed to be an improvement as well. Ironically, these long-awaited hubs ended up sitting on a shelf for the next few weeks as I got caught up on other projects. This week I’ve had some spare time to crack open the new and old Soul Hubs and see what’s changed, which I’ve detailed below. Also, I’ve written an initial review and impression of the 2010 Soul hubs as built into a set of incredibly light and inexpensive clincher wheels. Read more

New Ultimate Update

May 26th, 2010



May is coming to a close and Euro/Interbike aren’t really very far off.  This is the point in the year where we start to hear about new things that will be shown at the shows.  We’ll share all of those things with you as we learn about them(except for those companies which ask us specifically to keep something a secret.)

We begin with an update from New Ultimate.  The first new thing we know of from them is a new mtb flat bar.   This is the 580XC. Read more

Max Lelli Vipera

May 22nd, 2010



In relation to the total number of carbon frame manufacturers, there really aren’t many custom carbon frame choices in the market place.   There is now another one, and it’s quality for price may surprise you. Introducing the Vipera from Max Lelli.  I would have to assume that it got that name from the diamond shaped head on the top tube that make it look as though it’s shape was inspired by a serpent.

The Vipera is a semi-custom carbon frame, hand made in Italy.  I say semi custom because you don’t have infinite options such as seat and head tube angles, but fit options are quite adjustable.  You can choose your length on seat tube, top tube, and head tube making it relatively easy to fine tune a stock geometry to fit your specific needs. Read more