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The first wheel build station is almost done, just a couple more to go.

New Fair Wheel Location and employees.

Please note that we have some new phone numbers. First let me say that the original Fair Wheel location is not moving, it’s been in the same spot for 35 years and will be there for 35 more years.  But after 35 years, we have finally run out of space at the 6th st location.  … Read More

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HSC Ceramic Bottom Brackets

HSC is making some of the nicest ceramic bottom brackets that we have yet seen.  Now that there are so many different standards for bottom brackets we thought this a good time to try and differentiate the standards and help people figure out what is the right bottom bracket for them.  Currently there are 6 … Read More

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Kcnc Majestic Seat Mast

Kcnc has a ton of new products in release.  The most recent to arrive and be added to our catalog is the new Majestic seat mast head.  Made of 7075 Aluminum with 4 titanium bolts.  Available in 4 colors, 2 offsets, and 2 lengths making for 16 options in each diameter.  Currently available in 34.9. 

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Parts of Pation Headset Spacers

Headset Spacers and DLC Cables

Madcow recently flew up to Portland to attend the Het Fairwheel Podium grand opening, and as per the usual with Madcow, he brought a few new products along with him. Some of the new small parts grabbed my attention, and I’m going to share those with you. Parts of Passion Headset Spacers I first saw … Read More

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Praxis finally coming to aftermarket.

Most people won’t wont know Praxis although most people will already unknowingly have had contact with some product that they’ve been involved in.  For the last few years Praxis has been simply an OEM manufacturer,  designing and making things for other companies to put their names on.  Now they are going to open up to … Read More

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Ashima PCB (Pan Cake Brake)

One of the reasons that it’s so easy for us to recommend the products that we sell is because we have a policy not to sell brands when we don’t believe in the product.  So in order for a new brand to get accepted into FWB we usually spend a good deal of time testing … Read More

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Markus Neuert and Fabienne Heinzmann

Eyes Wide Open

CYCLEFILM’s Markus Neuert has been making a small name for himself in the cycling film world.  But, since this isn’t exactly the realm of our technical forte we’ll leave the reporting on this to Pez Cycling News, one the sites that can cover all realms of cycling. However, I am here to review his latest release, Eyes … Read More

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Road Bike Brake Shootout #3

Having been over a year since our last road bike brake shootout we figured it was time to one again look at the new brakes, and revisit some of the old ones to see if  anything has changed.  We’ve got 15 different road bike brakes in this test with 14 of them being outside the … Read More

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Custom Enve decals

For the last couple of years we’ve been offering custom Edge/Enve decals as an unpublicized option on our wheelbuilds.  During this time we’ve been talking about making this a standard offering.   As of last week we’ve begun to make this a standard offering.  We are now including at no extra charge any of our semi-custom … Read More

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