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Crank Review #5

Welcome back to the 5th installment of the crank shootout. We are not going to include all of the previously tested cranks in this review but will keep the most relevant/current ones. We’ll also be writing new descriptions as many of the cranks have changed over the years. You can see older cranks here: Perhaps … Read More

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The final weight on our re-built hub was slightly under Alchemy's claimed weight.

Alchemy ORC-UL

Alchemy’s ORC-UL rear hub has been out on the market for a few weeks now and we, like a few other custom wheel builders, are completing our first builds with them.  Our initial impression was based on an early custom prototype made for a customer who’s extremely hard on wheels. We were impressed with how well it … Read More

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AICAN Bungarus Superlight.

We often get sent lots of samples of new, upcoming products in the hopes that we’ll give it our endorsement and add it to our catalog. Many items get rejected before we even test them, others after we test them. Some do get a thumbs up from us and get added to our product list. … Read More

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Smart Enve System Clincher Rims

For the last several months there has been lots of anticipation about the Smart Enve System (SES) clincher rims.  Now that we have them in stock we have had a chance to play with them and form an opinion.  In short they’ve surpassed my expectations, which honestly were quite high. Since the tubular versions of … Read More

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Disassembled Soul Kozak Hub

Soul Kozak Road Hubs

We’ve had a couple weeks to test out the new Soul Kozak road hubset which retail for $400 with either Campy or Shimano freehub bodies. For the front hub Soul Kozak brought the flanges in for increased aerodynamics while the rear hub gets both magnetic and bearing upgrades.  The head of our custom wheel building … Read More

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Pre-order your 2012 Cycle Passion calendar today.

2012 Cycle Passion Calendar

As summer wanes and fall approaches it’s time to talk about our much-anticipated yearly Cycle Passion calendar. This will be your first chance at a sneak peak of the 2012 edition being unveiled at Euro Bike, and that we’ll have with us at Interbike later this month. Remember, last year’s Interbike release featured a chance … Read More

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ENVE 6.7 Smart System Rim Set

ENVE Smart System 6.7 Rims

ENVE’s latest rim design, the Smart 6.7, is the result of extensive collaboration with UK-based aerodynamics specialist Simon Smart. Articles such as those from ProCycling and VeloNews have detailed much of the innovations utilized in production of the 6.7 rims. In reading about the 6.7 rims and viewing several photographs, I had made some basic … Read More

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Kmc Black on Black DLC Chain

Back during Interbike 2010 we reported on KMC’s new DLC coated chain that was available in black and red.  Now we have the limited edition Kmc X10SL DLC coated chain is available in full black.  That’s right, the limited edition black on red has been revamped for the coming year and is now available in … Read More

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Fair Wheel Crank test #4

Welcome back to the 4th installment of the crank shootout. New cranks that have been added for this round are Ax Lightness Morpheus, Extralite QRC2 and Rotor 3d.  The next round will include the new Tune Smartfoot, Thm M3 and hopefully a production version of EE.

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