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Ritte Snob, A Stainless Affair

The Ritte Snob… is a snob. With its finely polished and tastefully painted nose turned up at “plastic” bikes everywhere, it’s classically elegant in a way that only steel can be. The paint is tastefully minimal, with bold lines and colors that don’t take too much attention away from its polished steel rear-end. Even the … Read More


Pivot Mach 6 Carbon “XXTR”

“Super light” and “long travel” are two attributes typically not used to describe the same bike. Given our reputation for the former, we wanted to see what we could do to change that. We considered this a special build; not one for the “oohs and aahs” of the showroom floor, but rather a bike built … Read More

18.7 Lamere Fat Bike

World’s Lightest Fat Bike, 18.7 pounds

Fat bikes aren’t generally thought of as light weight race bikes. In fact, most people who have ridden them will say that they are super fun to ride, but you almost never hear the words light, fast, or nimble used when describing these specialty bikes. For years, I had personally said that because I didn’t … Read More


Colnago C60 Super Record

This is the third Colnago C60 we’ve built recently, and so far is our favourite. Personally I’m not always a fan of black on black, but in this case it works really well and is an elegant execution for black on black bikes. If this isn’t your style maybe the White on Black Colnago Italian … Read More


Festka XCr Stainless

When we discussed ideas for the relaunch of our blog, which you’re currently reading, one idea kept coming up. That idea was that while we wanted to showcase what we do here at Fair Wheel Bikes, we also wanted to show things that impress and inspire us. That idea brings us to this build from … Read More


Calfee Manta

Calfee’s Manta, first seen at Sea Otter in 2013, is a soft tail geared towards performance riders and racers. One intent of Manta’s 10mm of travel is that a rider who experiences less road vibrations fatigues less, and we all know that fatigue looses races. The other goal of a performance oriented soft tail is … Read More


Colnago C60 :: Eppur Si Muove

It’s not often we build up frames from Italy’s prestigious Colnago, yet here at the end of 2014 we’re going to build three C60 frames. This could be a sign that the oversized C60 will be able to bring Colnago back to the forefront of cycling’s boutique brands where in their prime they made frames … Read More


Bedford Stainless w/ Sequential Di2

More than any of our other bikes, this one had already received a lot of exposure before going on display in Las Vegas. It was destined tobe in the public eye since the the owner, Charles Manantan writes and shoots photos for Pez news. So the build was very well documented, and with no existing … Read More

Crumpton UL

Sub 9 Pound Crumpton

Continuing our posts about the Interbike builds from last September’s show, here is our 8.8lb (4040g) Crumpton SL road bike.  Our effort to show the cutting edge in light road bikes today. For us, after living with these heavily-dieted bikes for a while, our notion of cutting edge includes reliability and an adequate safety margin … Read More

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