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Posts from the ‘Custom Bikes’ Category

Gold Leaf Enve 45 clinchers

August 6th, 2011

Emiliano Jordan


This pair of Enve Composites wheels got some very special treatment over the eight months it took to pull off the one-of-a-kind custom build. As our Facebook followers have already seen, these Enve 45 carbon clinchers are adorned with real 22k gold leaf graphics highlighted by an 18k gold plated Campagnolo Sheriff Star hub and two 18k gold plated Sapim CxRay spokes.
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Custom Parlee Climber

July 29th, 2011



It’s been a while since we featured some of our custom builds on the website, but this one built specifically for challenging climbs certainly seems worthy of being the first of a series of custom bikes to be featured on the website, especially since it’s quickly become one of my favorite looking bikes.   While this bike is immediately heading for pan flat Florida, it will ultimately find its way across the pond and into the Alps and Dolomites which is what it was purpose built for.  Read more

McFetridge 3 Speed Fixie

September 23rd, 2010



Last year’s artist Geoff McFetridge is back to design another bike with us. This year we wanted to give him something a bit more original given his artistic talent. This is why we went with something a little different and off the beaten path, a three speed fixed gear. We started with a custom Parlee TT frame and the great guys at Sturmey Archer made us a special 3 speed fixed gear hub with low spoke drilling. Read more

Titus Di2 Project 29er

September 22nd, 2010



The buildup to Interbike has been both long and hectic for us, but we are totally thrilled with the result of our first project, the Titus Project-29.  This is not only the next step of the mountain Di2 project we started almost 2 years ago, but has countless applications for the road group as well.  A programmable Di2 brain that in this setup uses a single shifter with multiple modes including both sequential shifting of front and rear derailleurs together as well as the ability to manually shift either derailleur independently.

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From the Forum: Phil’s Neo Exile Ultimate

August 11th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan


It’s time for “stealth and minimal” and what better bike to do it with than the example from my first customer’s custom bicycles post.  You can find a lot of minimal components on our forums and you can find just as many matching color, or lack of it, themes.  I did write a brief personal observation on this bike but when I told Phil I was posting his bike he was kind enough to offer his personal take on it.  So I’ll stop meddling in this bicycle’s affairs and let the owner speak! Read more

From the Forum: Time Trial with English Cycles

July 12th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan

Rob's TT Bike

For the second post on my series of Bikes From the Forum, we’ll look at Rob English’s custom Time Trial bike. I live in Portland, Oregon, where the term boutique, when applied to bikes, conjures images of tweed rides, artistic frame building and custom paint jobs. Here at Fairwheel Bikes, boutique takes on a different nature — a minimalist viewpoint oftentimes not just in weight but in aesthetics.

Rob’s bikes, fabricated under the name English Cycles, adds an entirely different nature to the boutique term. His bikes are boutique in the sense of craftsmanship, yet they’re still focused on being utilitarian. Not in the cargo-bike sense, they’re utilitarian in the quest to go fast. Rob is a problem solver, tackling engineering goals that change a lot of what we took for granted about frame and component design. This bike is a combination and ever evolving solution to Rob’s TT needs. We’ll look more into the, low handlebars, aero yet stable front wheel, and brake placement, I hope this gives you a good insight into this frame.
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From the Forum: Giant TCR

May 27th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan

First Customer Bike, Giant TCR

We have a fairly active community on our forum, and that community is extremely creative and loves its bicycles. I admit that I don’t get over there nearly enough, but every time I do I’m blown away by the bicycles, wheels and components that get posted.  So when trying to decide which bike would open our category for customer submitted bikes, I had my work cut out.  How did I want to go about this. Stealth and minimal (2010 Neo Ultimate – 11.6lb)? Give a new-classic it’s chance in a tastefully done replica Colnago. How about a truly loud bike, or a demonstration of how in your face simple black and white can be? Or show off Aero over grams in a weight weenie world, but why not a flashy Italian frame, or some creative photography, or a bit of exotic, OR?!?!? Read more

Storck Fenomalist Di2

May 6th, 2010



Recently Layne asked us to build him a new bike. The goal was to do something not only with a stellar ride, but that would also be unique on a group ride, would stand out in a crowd and at the same time be subtle and non-assuming. The result is this Storck Fenomalist Di2. For a theme we decided to take something as simple as the outline logo of the frame and carry that through the rest. Yes, I know the rims do not currently match the theme, but we are still waiting on the custom decals for those. The ride is of course stellar. And the looks, well, I think they are just right. Stealth but without looking like Darth Vaders bike. The bike weight ended up at 13 pounds. Read more

943 Gram 29′er Wheelset

April 22nd, 2010



If you’re reading this blog then you probably already know that one of the things I enjoy most about this job is getting to build special projects.  For this years Interbike we have some really special projects planned that will take what we’ve done in the past to a whole new level.  My only fear is that next year there really won’t be any way to improve on what we do this year.  While I can’t talk about either of our main projects, I can give a sneak peek at one part for one of the projects.

So without further ado I present you with our 943 gram (actually it’s 942.7 grams to be precise.) 29″  tubular wheelset. Read more

Di2 Mountain Bike

April 8th, 2010

Emiliano Jordan


The Di2 Mountain Bike project was conceived upon considering the following question, “What will the future of mountain biking be?” Internally routed hydraulic and electrical lines, carbon fiber rotors, “single sided forks”, and electric shifting are just some of the possibilities this bike executes. The main focus was to bring together a variety of unique parts in a durable racable platform. The build is not necessarily the lightest, but still weighs a feathery 18lbs.

The paint scheme was designed by Fairwheel’s Brian Meyer after a discussion involving how to implement Di2 in to a mountain bike platform. Discussion considered the pro’s and con’s of combining a classic panel design with emerging technology and components. The paint lets the carbon tubing emerge amidst classic banding and paneling, while utilizing new color approaches to old designs. The schematics of the seat and top tube cluster are a combination of Di2 elements and circuitry. Read more