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Custom Crumpton Sl Road Bike

February 25th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Crumpton SL Road

With the 2012 Parlee Z5 SLi on sale and the 2013 Z5i now in stock we’ve been moving ahead building up a gaggle of new bikes. This got me thinking about all the completed bikes I haven’t posted yet. I decided to start with a not so recent SL Road build we worked on with Nick from Crumpton Cycles. Cutting-edge thoroughbred builds like this are my favorite, a bike I’d gladly race — ideally set up too light for the UCI 6.8kg rule like this one.

Nothing tops a handmade frame built by a master. Attempting to keep the magic happening, a few other standout features on here are the forged Praxis Rings on the THM M3 cranks.  The Praxis rings may not topple the weight weenie contenders but they do shift better than any other aftermarket ring set I’ve ridden — on par with the best offerings from Campagnolo and Shimano. This combo with the M3 cranks is a perfect marriage and THM now specs these as their stock chainrings on their cranks. These exotic beauties in the matte finish look great with this frame.
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Geoff Mcfetridge Project bikes

February 15th, 2013


Bottom Side of the Top Tube

This week someone had asked me to pick some of my favorite project bikes and send them more detailed photos.  In thinking about this I realized 3 of my 5 top choices had one thing in common, artist Geoff Mcfetridge.  Not too many people get to work with such an awesome artist and I feel lucky that I’ve been able to work with Geoff on 3 projects so far, and hopefully another chance will come up in the future.  If you aren’t totally familiar with his work, I’d suggest clicking this link and taking a look.   Since we’ve now taken some new photos and pulled some never before seen ones from the archives it seemed like a good idea to share them.  I’ve tried to use mostly detail shots that focus on the paint rather than the complete bikes.  So without any more delay on to the pictures.
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Sugarkane’s Parlee Z5

October 9th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

Custom Parlee Z5 with ENVE 6.7s

We hardly ever post bike builds that we don’t complete here at the shop but working with Sugarkane on this bike build has been one of our favorite projects. The build does a great job of focusing on weight but not emphasizing the ultra light over functionality and race worthy aerodynamics. The final build would hold up in any race and luckily he’s also been documenting the project on Weight Weenies showing why he chose a lot of the parts you see here now.  Major changes have included switching ENVE 1.45s (now used as climbing wheels) to the more all around Smart 6.7s. Braking was also improved when the popular EE Brakes replaced the Zero Gravity stoppers.  The stock Campagnolo Super Record 11-speed cranks have been changed for THM’s M3 modular crank complete with a ceramic bottom bracket and Praxis chain rings.  Finally the New  Ultimate seat post and striped down SLR saddle gave way to a Berk combo after an Extralite post was installed.  The final seat / seatpost combo not only lets you get a custom feel on your rig it saves a lot of grams.
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NeilPryde Alize – our road review

June 29th, 2012

Jack B

Neil Pryde Alize with ENVE Cockpit, 6.7 Clinchers, EE Brakeset and Cranks

While we got our NeilPryde Alize bikes at the end of 2011 we never had the chance to write an extended review. Perhaps that was a good thing because now with over 10,000 miles on several frames we’re able to give you a better idea of the newcomer to the road bike market. Without further adieu here are some of our thoughts now that we’ve had a chance to put some more miles on our NeilPryde Alize road bikes.

A look at weight

I have the second-largest size of the Alize called the XL and the bare frame weighs 1099g. Built up on training clinchers with a power meter as shown it’s still a bit under the 6.8kg/14.99lb UCI weight limit. After seeing the photo of my bike I have to concede that it just begs to lose the training wheels in favor of deep aero wheels..

Madcow’s frame is the size small and weighs 1020g. Built up with Enve SES 6.7 clincher wheels it weighs 6.2kg/13.6 lbs complete. With carbon tubulars we are seeing weights in the low 12lb range. Read more

Parlee Z5 SLi

June 7th, 2012

Kyle D'Auria

Custom Parlee with ENVE 3.4 Smart Rims

Black is the New Black

New Mexico’s mountainous Gila National Forest is a road climber’s mecca.  Specifically, Silver City is home to one of the hardest stage races in ‘Merica, with roads crossing the continental divide several times.  The steep high altitude climbs force you to put up or shut up, and are followed by hair raising descents that test your mettle.  A customer of ours from the region commissioned us to build this custom Parlee Z5 SLi to handle the rigors of these rides found in her backyard, built around the idea that a lightweight climbing bike shouldn’t sacrifice descending, nor handling capabilities.

An exotic group of parts adorn the bike in a unique configuration to suit our customer.  Black is the new black.  The Clavicula crankset was specifically arranged with a compact spider and super stiff Praxis chainrings.  Tune Mig 45 and Mag 170 hubs were laced to the new Smart Enve System (SES) 3.4 tubular rims, which in this case provide a perfect balance of aerodynamic stability and weight.  The logos on the Enve bar and stem combo were removed, and the frameset itself was custom painted with stars, which are only caught in the right light; a unique design you rarely see on a bike.  The aesthetics as a whole were focused around the look of the Parts of Passion laser logo seatpost, emitting that murdered out, stealth appeal.  The Z5 SLi frameset is specifically designed with wire access for the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group, leaving out any frivolous cable stops.  Weighed as shown, the bike is right at 13lbs, while our customer’s ultra lightweight Enve 1.25 wheelset drops it another half-pound. Read more

Project Right – The Final Update

March 23rd, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

Project Right - Left Side

This is the final update on the Project Right bike we’ve been documenting on our blog. Project Right started as a challenging request for an extraordinary bike, a task that was immediately exciting for everyone at Fairwheel. The bike got lots of attention at the English Cycles booth at the North American Hand Built Bike Show in Sacramento.

The Project

The request came in for a “completely unique” build – a single speed that would stand apart with a completely out of the box approach. If possible the bike was to be be single-sided, similar to the GT Super Bike. A unique finish was exceptionally important, so the fact that our customer is a big fan of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and the Spike Jonze film adaptation became artistic inspiration. What’s more, the bike needed to function as an everyday rider / commuter for the hills of Seattle, preferably belt-driven for reduced maintenance and increased longevity in the rain. Read more

Crumpton Di2 Mountain bike

September 20th, 2011

Emiliano Jordan


This is our third generation Di2 Mountian Bike. Our Ruegamer bike was the first true mountain bike Di2 conversion and let loose a lot of ideas as to what was possible.  The next year, 2010, we rolled out an internal battery 29er with sequential shifting.  Sequential shifting was a proof of concept that modified the way Di2 functioned.  Instead of two shifters to individually control each derailleur, now all a rider had to do was shift up or down.  A brain in the stem would calculate the gear ratios and chose the next gear shifting the rear or both the rear and front derailleurs.

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Our Fully Custom Crumpton

September 18th, 2011

Emiliano Jordan

Fully Custom Crumpton

We’ve done a few custom modifications over the years – a custom tuned frame, a Di2 mod here and there, some unique artistic driven builds, two world record light bikes. This year we refined our Di2 Mountain bike focused extra attention to a completely custom Crumpton build. The Crumpton is built for one of our European customers who wanted a unique bike that would intrigue passers-by while still being an everyday rider. Part of the assignment was to work with a pink and purple colorway. Read more

Tune, Crumpton Custom

September 15th, 2011

Emiliano Jordan


This year we wanted to have two bikes that met two design goals for us.  The first being that the bike is race worthy and anyone would feel comfortable on it. The second is that the bike come spec’d with parts that are obtainable and regularly stocked.  This Crumpton Custom spec’d largely with ENVE CompositesTune and New Ultimate joins Jason’s Corsa Team at Interbike as our two race bikes.  The Fully Custom Crumpton (more later) and the Di2 MTB (more later) join the mix as a customer project bike and the 3rd in our series of Di2 mountain bikes.

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New From Crumpton, EE, Tune, ENVE, and KCNC

August 17th, 2011



Typically at this point in the year we’d keep our Interbike projects under wraps, but I’m particularly excited about this bike. Not only is the frame a new offering from Crumpton Cycles but the bike has a lot of new parts on it from companies like ENVE Composites, EE Cycleworks, KCNC and Tune.  I’m also excited because I think it turned out really pretty.  Aesthetically the bike sort of came together better than I could have imagined, with the EE cranks, white Crumpton decals, KCNC Ti Cassette and New Ultimate parts all working together. But I’m probably pretty biased because I built this one for myself. I’m stoked with how it turned out, but pretty bummed that because it’s a showbike, I have to limit the number of miles I put on it, as it still needs to look new in 3 weeks when it leaves for Vegas.  Read more