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Fully Custom Crumpton

Our Fully Custom Crumpton

We’ve done a few custom modifications over the years – a custom tuned frame, a Di2 mod here and there, some unique artistic driven builds, two world record light bikes. This year we refined our Di2 Mountain bike focused extra attention to a completely custom Crumpton build. The Crumpton is built for one of our … Read More

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Tune, Crumpton Custom

This year we wanted to have two bikes that met two design goals for us.  The first being that the bike is race worthy and anyone would feel comfortable on it. The second is that the bike come spec’d with parts that are obtainable and regularly stocked.  This Crumpton Custom spec’d largely with ENVE Composites, Tune … Read More

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Pre-order your 2012 Cycle Passion calendar today.

2012 Cycle Passion Calendar

As summer wanes and fall approaches it’s time to talk about our much-anticipated yearly Cycle Passion calendar. This will be your first chance at a sneak peak of the 2012 edition being unveiled at Euro Bike, and that we’ll have with us at Interbike later this month. Remember, last year’s Interbike release featured a chance … Read More

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Gold Leaf Enve 45 clinchers

This pair of Enve Composites wheels got some very special treatment over the eight months it took to pull off the one-of-a-kind custom build. As our Facebook followers have already seen, these Enve 45 carbon clinchers are adorned with real 22k gold leaf graphics highlighted by an 18k gold plated Campagnolo Sheriff Star hub and … Read More

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ENVE 6.7 Smart System Rim Set

ENVE Smart System 6.7 Rims

ENVE’s latest rim design, the Smart 6.7, is the result of extensive collaboration with UK-based aerodynamics specialist Simon Smart. Articles such as those from ProCycling and VeloNews have detailed much of the innovations utilized in production of the 6.7 rims. In reading about the 6.7 rims and viewing several photographs, I had made some basic … Read More

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ENVE Production Facility Tour

On the eve of the release of ENVE’s groundbreaking 6.7 Smart System rims, I was allowed the privilege to tour ENVE’s main office and the attached production facility. Jake Pantone, ENVE’s Marketing Director, was kind enough to spend almost two hours guiding me through the development and production processes behind some of the most cutting … Read More

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EE Cranks in Silver

EE Cycleworks Update: Cranks and Brakes

Many of us have been anxiously waiting for the new EE Crank from EE Cycleworks to be released. We’ve been covering the development since our first impressions during the crank shootout. Also, many of us know that it’s getting hard if not impossible to track down a set of the EE Brakes.  This is why … Read More

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Parts of Pation Headset Spacers

Headset Spacers and DLC Cables

Madcow recently flew up to Portland to attend the Het Fairwheel Podium grand opening, and as per the usual with Madcow, he brought a few new products along with him. Some of the new small parts grabbed my attention, and I’m going to share those with you. Parts of Passion Headset Spacers I first saw … Read More

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Markus Neuert and Fabienne Heinzmann

Eyes Wide Open

CYCLEFILM’s Markus Neuert has been making a small name for himself in the cycling film world.  But, since this isn’t exactly the realm of our technical forte we’ll leave the reporting on this to Pez Cycling News, one the sites that can cover all realms of cycling. However, I am here to review his latest release, Eyes … Read More

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