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Looking Back

March 4th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

On our build stand last week, Gold and White Parlee Z5 Sl

We’re going to start a little segment where we take a look back at what went on during the previous week.  This was a last minute decision and I’ll be making sure to bookmark more for you next week.  In the meantime take a look at what’s been going on on our Facebook page, Jason’s (MadCow), our Pinterest page and of course our blog. Enjoy and let us know if we’ve missed anything important.

Trying to capture the Parts of Passion seatpost.

Trying to capture the Parts of Passion seatpost.

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Custom Crumpton Sl Road Bike

February 25th, 2013

Emiliano Jordan

Crumpton SL Road

With the 2012 Parlee Z5 SLi on sale and the 2013 Z5i now in stock we’ve been moving ahead building up a gaggle of new bikes. This got me thinking about all the completed bikes I haven’t posted yet. I decided to start with a not so recent SL Road build we worked on with Nick from Crumpton Cycles. Cutting-edge thoroughbred builds like this are my favorite, a bike I’d gladly race — ideally set up too light for the UCI 6.8kg rule like this one.

Nothing tops a handmade frame built by a master. Attempting to keep the magic happening, a few other standout features on here are the forged Praxis Rings on the THM M3 cranks.  The Praxis rings may not topple the weight weenie contenders but they do shift better than any other aftermarket ring set I’ve ridden — on par with the best offerings from Campagnolo and Shimano. This combo with the M3 cranks is a perfect marriage and THM now specs these as their stock chainrings on their cranks. These exotic beauties in the matte finish look great with this frame.
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Sugarkane’s Parlee Z5

October 9th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

Custom Parlee Z5 with ENVE 6.7s

We hardly ever post bike builds that we don’t complete here at the shop but working with Sugarkane on this bike build has been one of our favorite projects. The build does a great job of focusing on weight but not emphasizing the ultra light over functionality and race worthy aerodynamics. The final build would hold up in any race and luckily he’s also been documenting the project on Weight Weenies showing why he chose a lot of the parts you see here now.  Major changes have included switching ENVE 1.45s (now used as climbing wheels) to the more all around Smart 6.7s. Braking was also improved when the popular EE Brakes replaced the Zero Gravity stoppers.  The stock Campagnolo Super Record 11-speed cranks have been changed for THM’s M3 modular crank complete with a ceramic bottom bracket and Praxis chain rings.  Finally the New  Ultimate seat post and striped down SLR saddle gave way to a Berk combo after an Extralite post was installed.  The final seat / seatpost combo not only lets you get a custom feel on your rig it saves a lot of grams.
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Alchemy Bicycle Works Update

August 31st, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

A Prototype of Alchemy's New ORC-UL

Recently we were talking with Alchemy Bicycle Works about hubs and the results of our latest hub review. During this discussion we learned something interesting: their ORC hub is undergoing its first major re-design since its release 3.5 years ago. The new versions, expected in the next few months, will be designated the ORC-UL, and yes, it will be Shimano 11 speed compatible. At this point it’s probably a good time to point out that there is no planned retrofit to make the existing model Shimano 11 speed compatible. There will be new variation of the ELF front hub sold alongside the current ELF that will be lighter and with a more aerodynamic shape. Last but not least, a new disc brake mountain bike hubset using the same internals as the ORC-UL is being developed, but will be a bit further away. Read more

Enve 8.9 Rims, Just Facts Ma’am

May 9th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan


For the last several months there has been lots of anticipation about more Smart Enve System (SES) rims coming from Enve.  Last week we wrote about the new 6.7 and 3.4 clinchers and shortly after the new SES 8.9 tubulars showed up. We’ve now gotten them in stock and had a chance to play with them and form an opinion. In short the 8.9s are another well-targeted rim with a chance to replace discs in most Time Trial and Triathlon setups. Read more

Project Right – The Final Update

March 23rd, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

Project Right - Left Side

This is the final update on the Project Right bike we’ve been documenting on our blog. Project Right started as a challenging request for an extraordinary bike, a task that was immediately exciting for everyone at Fairwheel. The bike got lots of attention at the English Cycles booth at the North American Hand Built Bike Show in Sacramento.

The Project

The request came in for a “completely unique” build – a single speed that would stand apart with a completely out of the box approach. If possible the bike was to be be single-sided, similar to the GT Super Bike. A unique finish was exceptionally important, so the fact that our customer is a big fan of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and the Spike Jonze film adaptation became artistic inspiration. What’s more, the bike needed to function as an everyday rider / commuter for the hills of Seattle, preferably belt-driven for reduced maintenance and increased longevity in the rain. Read more

Rear Hub Noise Comparison

March 8th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan


One question we get asked a lot about is the rear hub noise. Especially with some of the different engagement types.  So we made this quick video that will give you a bit of insight into how a few of our different hubs sound. The hubs we showed are:

Chris King R45 :: White Industries H3 :: Extralite HyperRear :: Extralite SLX :: Tune mag170 :: Alchemy Orc :: Powertap

Road Bike Trials Video

February 8th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan


Well, a couple days ago the internet caught us off guard and we scrambled to post our Road Bike Trials video that we’d been working on for a bit now. The short story is that we were forced to publish a copy of our video that wasn’t the final version our editor was working on but a copy put together by the shop. So I present to you our professional MadCow as an amateur video editor, enjoy.

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Project Right gets painted

February 8th, 2012

Emiliano Jordan

Geoff hand painting Project Right.

***The Final Update of Project Right has been posted.

While we’ve been busy putting together our road bike trials video things have not stood still here at Fairwheel on all our other projects.  The Right Project moved from Rob English’s workshop to CoMotion for initial painting and then onto Geoff McFetridge for hand painting. We did receive photos from Geoff of the bike as he worked on it and I figured I’d share them with you. Since this is the first time I’ve written about the Right Project let me say that there are two aspects of this bike that really got me excited. The first was Rob English’s completely unique build using only a right chain stay / seat post and fork blade (seen here in update 6). The second is Geoff McFetridge’s work. Read more

Soul Kozak Road Hubs

December 29th, 2011

Emiliano Jordan

Disassembled Soul Kozak Hub

We’ve had a couple weeks to test out the new Soul Kozak road hubset which retail for $400 with either Campy or Shimano freehub bodies. For the front hub Soul Kozak brought the flanges in for increased aerodynamics while the rear hub gets both magnetic and bearing upgrades.  The head of our custom wheel building program, Troy Watson, pulled them apart, rode them (laced to ENVE 45s with Sapim CX-ray Spokes) and gave us his thoughts. Read more