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Lightweight ENVE M60 Handbuilt Wheelset

If you’re looking for a wheelset that offers confidence on the downhills but is lightweight enough to pedal uphill all day check out this setup of Aivee hubs, Enve rims and Pillar spokes. Built for our Pivot “XXTR” bike this wheelset received a little special treatment to trim a few grams. Enve rims for their … Read More

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Ritte Snob, A Stainless Affair

The Ritte Snob… is a snob. With its finely polished and tastefully painted nose turned up at “plastic” bikes everywhere, it’s classically elegant in a way that only steel can be. The paint is tastefully minimal, with bold lines and colors that don’t take too much attention away from its polished steel rear-end. Even the … Read More

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ENVE 25 Clincher Extralite

While it may have taken them their sweet time in providing it to the public, ENVE has been hard at work building one of the best low-profile carbon hoops on the market. Not only did they build a superbly lightweight and stiff rim, they matched the superb heat dissipation of deep section rims. Which in … Read More

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TURN Cranksets By Praxis

Within the cycling industry, it’s somewhat rare to see manufacturers develop mid-­level “workhorse” components rather than expensive, attention-­grabbing products that few riders can truly afford. Most often, we see these over-­marketed high end pieces developed, tested, and released, then only years later does that technology “trickle down” to a more affordable bracket. Thankfully, the forging … Read More

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Pivot Mach 6 Carbon “XXTR”

“Super light” and “long travel” are two attributes typically not used to describe the same bike. Given our reputation for the former, we wanted to see what we could do to change that. We considered this a special build; not one for the “oohs and aahs” of the showroom floor, but rather a bike built … Read More

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Absolute Black Direct Mount Chainrings

Absolute Black’s direct mount chainrings are an excellent choice for replacing your chainring or converting your bike to a 1 x 9, 10, or 11 speed drive train. Precision machining of the tooth profiles gives extremely reliable chain retention without the use of chain tensioners or guides. This holds the chain on the chainring during … Read More

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Race Face Cinch Cranksets

With their new Cinch lineup, Race Face embraces two modern developments in bottom bracket and crankset design, 30 mm diameter aluminum spindles and wide bearing stance, combining them into one sensible standard. The bicycle industry has generally embraced these two design principles as an evolution of BB30 with the BB386 EVO standard, though Race Face’s … Read More

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Tune Skyline rims laced to Mack track hubs using Sapim CX-ray spokes.

Lightweight Fixed Gear Wheelset

Recently we were able to source a set of the ultra elusive Tune Skyline rims for this extremely light fixed gear wheelset. Obviously with a rim this light sourcing an equally light hub was essential and for this we turned to Mack Hubs and their offerings. Finally, we went with the stronger CX-Ray spoke vs … Read More

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Tune 45/170 hubs laced to SES 3.4 rims using Pilar Titanium Spokes

ENVE 3.4 Lightweight Wheels

We get a fair amount of questions regarding the elusive “all around” wheel set. A wheel set that will be good for climbing, flats and the occasional criterium. Obviously there’s no perfect set for everyone but there’s no denying that these ENVE 3.4 clincher wheels have a broad appeal to any discerning velophile. The combination … Read More

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