Fairwheel is known for its high-end road bikes and its lightweight parts. This fact is known. One part of the cycling experience easily overlooked is the mountain bike. It must be understood that we are a bike shop for all types of riders, and our experience would not be complete if our employees did not love to ride mountain bikes. In fact, there is just as much Stan’s tire sealant in the shop as tubular glue. Along with our Gucci road mechanic’s bench we also have Dane in the back, working at his custom built suspension work station. In fact, as Interbike 2009 approaches we are getting more and more excited about a project that is going to push the boundaries of mountain bikes by bringing a new road bike breakthrough to the knobby enthusiasts.

In 2008, we decided that a mountain bike needed to share the stage with the road bikes. It was time to bring the dark horse out of the closet so to speak. Yet again, we looked two hours north to Phoenix, Arizona and talked to Ruegamer. The parts list however was not so easily decided. There were a few roads we could take. But, as we all know, our reputation is in introducing parts to the market that catch the eye for their minimal yet functional designs. With this in mind we called upon our flare for the exotic and the light. We imported a handmade suspension fork not available in the US and considering only a few are made a year we were lucky to get one of these 1,000 gram beauties. The wheel set needed to match, so we utilized Edge rims, Extralite hubs and Pillar Ti spokes to build up a 1,150 gram wheelset. After these two components were added to the frame, the rest of the parts list flowed into the project. We then, of course, brought our bike to Interbike and had fun showing off our ingenious design. It is nice to know that we can bring the same concepts to mountain bikes that we do to road bikes.

14 Lb Mountain Bike Part List

  • Frame: Ruegamer
  • Fork: German:A Kilo Carbon
  • Wheels: FairWheel Hand Built
    • Rims: Edge 26” Clincher
    • Hubs: Extralite
    • Spokes: Pillar Ti
  • Cranks: Extralite
  • Chain: KMC
  • Front Derailleur: Sram Red
  • Rear Derailleur: Sram XO
  • Brake Set: Formula disc
  • Cassette: Recon Ti
  • Housing: Nokon
  • Skewers: KCNC
  • Handle Bar Tape: Extralite grips
  • Handlebars: Schmolke TLO
  • Shifters: XO Twist
  • Brake Levers: Formula
  • Saddle: Becker
  • Stem: Extralite
  • Brake rotors: Scrub
  • Seatpost: Schmolke TLO