Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

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Weight53 grams
MaterialStainless Steel


Arundel's stainless steel bottle cage is not your ordinary bottle holder. Most cages are now made of carbon, plastic, or other composites, but uniquely, stainless steel emits a particularly elegant aesthetic, making it great for a classic bike, or as a classic throwback accessory on a modern bike. Arundel designed this cage particularly well with a lip up top to lock the bottle in place, but the arms themselves are a standout feature, being particularly strong on grip. And at 53 grams, you're not taking much of a weight penalty for an aesthetically appealing design that carbon simply cannot replicate.

However, if weight savings is your utmost concern, check out Arundel's carbon fiber cages which are in the 30 gram range, or something like the fantastically light New Ultimate Carbon Cage, which is a mere 13.5 grams.