Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub

Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub

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Alchemy Orc Specifications
Weight 194 grams
Bearings 2 x 6901
1 x MR1728
Available Drillings 24, 28
Available Colors black
Cassette Compatibility
Shimano Shimano 8/9/10*, 11
Sram 10*, 11
Wheel Building Dimensions
Left Flange Diameter 40.0 mm
Right Flange Diameter 57.0 mm
Center to Left Flange 38.8 mm
Center to Right Flange 18.0 mm
*with included 1.8mm spacer
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub Black, 24 Hole, Shimano $440.00 Contact Us For More Information
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub Black, 28 hole, Shimano $440.00 Contact Us For More Information
Alchemy Orc-UL Rear Hub Red, 24 Hole, Shimano $440.00 Contact Us For More Information

Alchemy Update

Alchemy hubs have been unavailable since September 2013. We're waiting on a new shipment and will let everyone know as soon as we hear anything or any hub becomes available again. In the meantime, if you'd like to talk to us about your wheel build or are curious about what we're using instead of the ORC-UL in our wheel builds contact us here.

Second Update

The Orc-UL is being updated and will be the second version of the hub. We're waiting on complete details as to the changes that will be made.


The ORC-UL is the product of a couple years of engineering by Alchemy Bicycle Works and is a significant upgrade to the already impressive ORC. The primary design goal of the ORC-UL was to offer the same optimized flange spacing, while adding compatibility for 11 speed drivetrains. Furthermore, the ORC-UL sheds a considerable amount of weight, coming in at a very respectable 193 grams - almost 30 grams lighter than the original ORC. However, the most notable upgrade to the ORC-UL is what Alchemy describes as an innovative way to eliminate the unsupported portion of the axle. This is accomplished by extending the hub shell under the cassette body, thus moving the drive side hub shell bearing out to 11.7mm from the dropout. Standard hubs place this bearing about 42mm from the dropout at best, leaving a large portion of the axle unsupported. According to Alchemy this is what allows the hub to lose thirty grams while increasing rigidity. In addition, the new freehub bodies are hard anodized, which will reduce the gouging caused by cassette cogs.

Alchemy's hub design is centered around stiffness and efficient torque transfer. All the details that make this hub special contribute in some way to these paired traits. For instance, it’s not hard to imagine that the hub shell extending completely from dropout to drop out would stiffen the entire hub and wheel build. Additionally, the hub shell is relatively large in diameter, which also contributes to overall hub stiffness. The freehub's ratcheting mechanism is equipped with three simultaneously engaging steel pawls on a drive ring with an impressive 36 engagement points, allowing for quicker and firmer engagements under pedaling force.

The ORC's flange design and spacing is optimized to allow for the best possible balance of spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides. The flanges are angled as well to ensure that the spokes take a smooth line between hub and rim, which helps to ensure long spoke fatigue life.


We recommend that Alchemy hubs be built by an experienced wheel builder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.