Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder

Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder
Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder

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Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder 1.1 mm $18.00 Notify Me When Available
Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder 1.3 mm $18.00 Notify Me When Available


From the same brilliant wheelbuilder that brought us the ELF and Orc hubs comes an invaluable yet unassuming little tool. This L-shaped bladed spoke holder from Alchemy Bicycle Works offers a full 60 mm of contact with bladed spokes and a handle just long enough to provide leverage without getting in the way. The nipple end of the tool is slightly beveled to allow full contact with the spoke at the point where it is most likely to twist.

These bladed spoke holders are available with two different slot widths: 1.1 mm for Sapim CX-Ray, DT Aerolite and Pillar PST X-TRA Titanium spokes; and 1.3 mm for Pillar PSR X-TRA Titanium spokes, as well as most other makes and models of bladed spokes. If you are only purchasing one spoke holder, we suggest the 1.3 mm version, as it works well for most bladed spokes, including those that are 1.1 mm thick.

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